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This is perfect if you have an issue that needs to be discussed, assessed, and then an individual treatment formulated. To see the list of conditions I treat click here. 


Pilates based exercise (completed on a variety of equipment including reformer, wonder chair, trapeze table, slider, and mat) which is tailored to suit your individual aims. This is appropriate for all client populations and can be completed in a 1:1 or small group environment according to your preference.  


consultation providing you with the knowledge and skills for your upcoming delivery. This will go through aspects such as pelvic floor assessment, pelvic floor relaxation / strengthening work, perineal massage, effective pushing, labour positioning, and acute post-natal recovery. This is beneficial to attend anytime through the 3rd trimester. 


consultation which goes through all key aspects to facilitate your post-natal recovery. This appointment will be tailed to include the elements necessary to your birth and aim however could include: acute post-natal recovery advice, pelvic floor assessment and program, perineal scar / caesarean scar management, abdominal wall assessment and rehabilitation program, return to exercise assessment and guidance, and pain management.  


This is something that will benefit you if you are wanting guidance on exercise at any stage in your life (whether that be pregnancy related, injury related or have a particular aim/goal). This also is for those that may not have a particular issue but just want to make sure you are doing the right thing for you. 


Complete your physiotherapy consultation via an online platform if you don't have the access or time for a face-to-face consultation. If you are unsure if Telehealth will be effective for you email


- Ante-natal Classes 

- Post-natal Physiotherapy Workshops

- General Pelvic Floor and Core rehabilitation workshops

- Pilates technique workshops

- Pilates group classes 

These can be travelled across the Gold Coast / Brisbane on request. 


Very happy to come and speak about Pelvic Health Physiotherapy things, just ask! 

[eg. ante-natal groups/classes, post-natal mums n bubs sessions, pilates studios, fitness studios/gyms, GP clinics, awareness events]  

Sometimes you don't know what you need or if I am the right person for you. If this is you just visit the contact page and ask away!  

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