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Antenatal & Postnatal Pilates Teacher Training

Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach clients pilates through their pregnancy and postnatal journey.


The days of confusion with teaching pregnant & postnatal clients are over.  


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pilates instructors

Now is the time to upskill your teaching. 

Offering the latest up to date knowledge in Women's Health combined with practical skills you will improve your teaching abilities enabling you to deliver safe, effective, and beneficial classes to all women through their pregnancy and postnatal journeys.

Women's Health Collaborative brings you an Antenatal and Postnatal specific Pilates Teacher Training Course. The gap in your traditional pilates training has now been filled. 

With both online and face-to-face training options available you will get world class knowledge and skills in the way that suits you. 

Become confident with your pregnant and postnatal clients today! 


Become a great pilates instructor from the get go! Fill the gap in your initial pilates training by getting confident with antenatal and postnatal clients. This will make you highly desired among studio owner setting yourself up for a successful career in the pilates industry. 


There is always more to learn. Perfect for highly experienced instructors wanting to upskill and take their teaching to the next level. Become a source of knowledge in the Women's Health area for your clients. There is always ways to improve and be better.


Provide your instructors the opportunity to be experts in Antenatal and Postnatal pilates. Market this specialist training and watch your studio flourish! Perfect for studios offering any form of matwork and/or reformer pilates. 


Gain a comprehensive understanding into pelvic floor anatomy, physiology, pelvic floor dysfunction, and musculoskeletal pain conditions. Elevate your exercise repertoire to cater any clients experiencing women's health issues, especially the pregnant and postnatal populations. 

The ideal course for... 



The most up to date and reliable knowledge on all aspects of antenatal and postnatal pilates. Become a highly valued source of information for your clients to support them through their pregnancy and postnatal journey.



Practical and ready to use skills and repertoire. Be confident in your teaching abilities for both pregnant & postnatal clients as well as any clients with pelvic floor or pain issues. Be reassured you are doing the right thing and instill this confidence in your clients. 



With both online or face-to-face versions available, complete the course that works for you. Allowing access globally you can upskill and elevate your teaching from wherever you are. Convenience at its finest.



Around the clock support from leading industry instructors and highly experienced  Women's Health Physiotherapists. Approachable support at your fingertips to enhance your learning. 

Course Overview

Online Option |

~ 8 hours self paced modules | Combination of theory and video footage, class programs, exercise screening forms 


Face-to-face Option |

1 Day Workshop including both practical and theory, 65 page manual including class programs 


Pelvic Floor


Gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of pelvic floor; from anatomy and cueing to how to incorporate this into your programming. This module explains pelvic floor dysfunctions such as prolapse and incontinence & how to modify for these clients. Pilates is a perfect and safe way for these clients to exercises and soon you will be able to reassure this to your clients.


Teaching the Antenatal Population

Become confident instructing any pregnant women through their pregnancy. Gain a comprehensive insight into the safety aspects of exercise in pregnancy and how to implement an exercise screening form. Understand what abdominal exercise to do vs. avoid in pregnancy and which repertoire needs to be modified. Learn practical ways to organise your modifications to maintain your class flow.


Teaching the Postnatal Population

Facilitate your clients in returning to exercise safely and effectively after having their baby. Understand birth factors and how this impacts your programming. Learn how to assess for abdominal rectus diastasis and how to rehabilitate this. Become expert teaching a 'Mums & Bubs' style class with a video library of exercises and class setup.



Teaching Clients with Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions


Musculoskeletal pain conditions often occur in the pregnancy and postnatal journey or with any clients you see. Become confident modifying and programming for clients that have issues such as back pain, pelvic pain, sciatic pain, pubic symphysis pain and more. This will improve the quality of your group, private, and/ or clinical pilates.

Check your undertsanding of the course content by taking the 20 question multiple choice quiz. Recieve your certificate of qualification when achieveing 80% correct. You will now be an instructor with speciality training in Women's Health. Go teach those antenatal and postnatal clients amazing classes!

Online Course

Start your Antenatal and Postnatal teacher training today by enrolling in the online version. Complete self paced modules at your own pace from the convenience of your own location. 

Price: $450 AUD per person. 

Own a studio and want your team to complete this course? Not a problem. Touch base to organise studio team access. 

Face-to-face Workshop

Prefer to learn in a face-to-face environment? Enroll in the next face-to-face workshop near you. 

Contact to register your details and location. 


Want to host the Antenatal & Postnatal Teacher Training course at your studio with your team? Contact Women's Health Collaborative to organise a date. 

Price: Workshop pricing based on location, contact to discuss. 

If you would like more information about the course, get in touch today.

The story behind the course... 

This course has been designed by Women's Health Physiotherapist Claire Ryan specifically to fill the gap in the traditional pilates training. The gap that doesn't include considerations for pregnant and postnatal populations, pelvic floor issues, or clients with pain conditions. For years feedback has been given by both clients and instructors about a lack of confidence surrounding these issues. Claire wrote the course while on maternity leave herself and launched both the online and face to face versions in 2023. 

"I'm a strong believer that pilates is the perfect form of exercise during both pregnancy and postpartum however there needs to be specific training for instructors to maximise its potential and make everyone feel safe. This course is perfect to provide instructors both the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach amazing and beneficial classes to support women through their pregnancy and postnatal journey.

- Claire Ryan, Course Designer. 

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antenatal and postnatal teacher training



Pilates Instructor 

Gold Coast, AUS

"I have always felt worried when pregnant clients are in my class. I tend to make the programming easy to take extra caution. This course has cleared up all my concerns. Now I know how to push people and still be safe." 


Pilates Instructor 

Brisbane, AUS

"This course was so informative and practical. I now feel confident with knowing how to modify programming when client have pain issues which is something I ha always struggled with. And the pelvic floor info was so helpful!" 


Pilates Instructor 

Brisbane, AUS

"Finally I have some clarity on abdominal exercises in pregnancy! It's been so hard to know what is safe or not safe but this course went all through this and made it so practical. I would definitely recommend to any instructor."
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