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MUMS- Have you had your Post-Natal Physiotherapy Assessment?

Think of all the health appointments you had while you were pregnant. Now think of all the health appointments [for you] you have had since you had your baby. Does it add up? Do you feel confident you have recovered ok? What's next?


Why do I need to have one?

As we know, pregnancy and childbirth causes dramatic changes to the female body. All new mums and babies attend a 6 week check with their medical clinic yet their routine care often ends there and the mother is left to recover without guidance. Just think about how much ante-natal care you received yet you then only receive one post-natal appointment with your GP where your pelvic floor may not have even been checked. The purpose of a Post-Natal Physiotherapy appointment is to check your current recovery and if desired facilitate your rehabilitation to ensure you return to your prior health, exercise, and well-being and prevent issues from coming about!

A Women’s Health Physiotherapy Assessment is beneficial for all post partum women, regardless of delivery number, type, or length of time since you delivered! I am slightly bias however I feel passionately that all women should have their body assessed at some point after having a baby. After all, pregnancy is quite traumatic for it!

What will be checked?

  • Pelvic Floor Strength, Function, & Co-ordination (this can be completed via supra-pubic ultrasound, and/or vaginal examination- all depending on your comfort levels.)

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse Assessment (checking the current placement of your pelvic organs and identifying any risks, great for ensuring your return to exercise is as safe as possible)

  • Perineal tissue/ scar assessment

  • Abdominal wall function and rectus diastasis assessment (via ultrasound)

  • Core muscle activation & strength

  • Whole body musculoskeletal assessment

  • Posture and body biomechanics

  • Movement patterns, exercise form and techniques

  • Any other concerns you may have!

What can I expect after the assessment?

What input you receive after your post natal assessment is completely dependent on the findings of the assessment and your individual goals. Some people may want ongoing input and guidance for their post-natal rehab to get them back to particular exercises/sports/goals however others may come for a one off check and reassurance that their body is recovering ok post baby. Either one is absolutely fine! In the assessment I always incorporates some form of treatment (again dependent on the findings) however it could include input about:

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation and exercises

  • Abdominal wall strengthening (to assist with rectus diastasis recovery)

  • Core strengthening exercises

  • Prolapse education, treatment, and prevention

  • Perineal/caesarean scar mobilisation / desensitisation

  • Return to exercise programs, classes, and/or advice

  • Posture corrections and mobility exercises

  • Advice and education on: healthy bladder and bowel habits, return to intercourse, general activity modifications and correct techniques to reduce risks or injury.

When should I book & how?

A post-natal physiotherapy assessment can be booked any time post delivery. It is entirely dependent on what is going on with your body and when you feel ready to get this input. Another thing to highlight is that a women’s health check can be completed at any time in a women’s post natal period.

There is a huge lack of awareness about post-natal rehabilitation so it’s not too late if you are even years post-natal! Every women at some point in their life should have a pelvic floor check!

To book or if you would like for information send me a message by using the Contact Me page.

Claire x

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